The secrets of Old Money style July 14, 2023 - Posted in: Lifestyle

The timeless, refined aesthetic of the #Old Money style has recently captured the attention of fashion lovers the world over. Here are the secrets behind this new trend!

The fashion world is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging every season. Among these trends, Old Money style has recently captured the attention of fashion lovers around the world. The hashtag #OldMoney has amassed over 600 million views on TikTok to date and includes short explainer videos of famous families and, of course, how to style the "Old Money" trend for men and women. To illustrate the "Old Money Aestetic" trend, influencers draw inspiration from the timeless styles of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Paul Newman, Lady Diana or more recently Blair Warldorf, aka B, the character from the literary and TV series Gossip Girl, Logan Roy, the patriarch of the hit HBO series Succession, albeit fictional.

This timeless, refined aesthetic is inspired by the class and understated elegance of generations of wealthy, established families.

The Old Money aesthetic

The "Old Money" style is a tribute to a bygone era, when sophistication and elegance were the watchwords. It's about embodying a certain classic charm, timeless allure and refined discretion. This style is often inspired by wealthy families with a long history of influence and power, but it goes beyond mere material wealth. It's about conveying a sense of heritage, taste and elegance that transcends ephemeral trends.

The key elements of the "Old Money" style:

  1. Quality materials: In the "Old Money" style, quality takes precedence over quantity. Clothes and accessories are made from high-quality materials such as cashmere, tweed, linen and leather. Fabrics are chosen for their durability and luxurious appearance, reflecting an attention to detail and a demand for quality.
  2. Classic cuts: "Old Money" clothing features classic, timeless cuts. Men's suits are well tailored, with two-button jackets and pleated pants. Women's dresses are elegant and feminine, subtly enhancing the silhouette. Pieces are designed to flatter the body without being provocative.
  3. Sober colors: In the "Old Money" style, sober colors dominate. Neutral tones such as beige, gray, navy blue and black are favored. These timeless shades lend a discreet elegance and can be easily matched with each other, making it easy to create sophisticated, cohesive outfits.
  4. Classic accessories: Accessories play an essential role in the "Old Money" style. Timeless pieces such as cashmere or alpaca caps, stainless steel wristwatches, delicate gold jewelry, silk scarves and high-quality leather shoes are favored. These accessories perfectly complement the overall aesthetic, adding a final touch of sophistication.
  5. Attitude and behavior: Beyond clothes and accessories, Old Money style also encompasses a certain distinguished attitude and behavior. It's about adopting a confident yet discreet posture, standing up straight and demonstrating good manners. The elegance of the "Old Money" style is also reflected in the way we behave and interact with others.

Old Money" style is much more than just a passing trend. It embodies a heritage of class and elegance, a timeless aesthetic that transcends the fluctuations of fashion. By embracing the key elements of this trend, including our luxury caps, made exclusively in our exceptional ateliers in France, you can create sophisticated, refined looks that demonstrate impeccable taste and an appreciation for understated refinement.