Exclusive: We only produce limited series of 100 pieces, all our caps are numbered from 1 to 100. Our products must remain exceptional. Welcome to the club of those who want to wear French excellence in mind.

Responsible: Our limited series and pre-order system restrict overproduction, thus avoiding waste and environmental impact.

Committed: As far as possible, we favour short circuits. Our fabrics are French or Italian, as are our accessories, and our production workshop is located in France. The latter does not use subcontractors.

Up Cycling: We use recycled materials for the labelling of our caps, as well as on some of our fabrics, such as woollens.

Traceability: We choose committed partners who favour natural materials and eco-responsibility, guaranteeing complete traceability of their products.

Craft know-how: Our production workshop is an exceptional craft workshop, each cap is produced with the greatest care and respect for our commitments. The finishes are meticulous, the materials used are rare and of high quality. Each product is carefully checked before shipping.