Who are we?

Headoniste was born from a meeting. That of a collector of American caps, capable of crossing the whole of Manhattan or Paris, in search of the perfect model, and of a fashion enthusiast.

Together, they set out on a crazy challenge. To reinvent the iconic baseball cap as an essential accessory for a chic and casual wardrobe.

But it is not enough to offer a simple 'trendy' variation of the caps produced in Asia.

Throughout her professional career in major Parisian fashion houses, the designer has forged several convictions.

It is time for authentic brands, for fashion that makes sense.

Above all, in a world where we need to consume better, it is the accessories that allow us to give a second life to clothes that have gone out of fashion, to renew our look, thanks to audacious "twist and match". Pumps to go with jeans. Or a cap in Lurex jacquard to divert the classic of a suit.

She therefore set out to reinvent the baseball cap by disrupting a few codes.

The audacity in the choice of using new materials such as lambskin velvet, cashmere wool or Jacquard fabrics.

Disruption in the combination of exceptional materials. Silver leather visors to enhance a lurex jacquard shell.

The ambition in the choice of a quality production, 100% French, by associating the know-how of craftsmen who work in the respect of the French hat-making tradition.

From this bet was born Headoniste, a unique cap brand. A true showcase of French know-how, Headoniste is the expression of an accessible and reasoned luxury, respectful of the environment.

Headoniste offers you to wear French excellence in your head!

Véronique Boute, founder of the cap brand Headoniste