Headoniste, eco-responsible design caps October 30, 2020 - Posted in: Headoniste's values

At a time when the eco-responsibility of brands has become a truism, we strive to produce quality caps while always keeping certain values in mind.

Headoniste caps are designed by a design office located in the Bastille in Paris, directed by Véronique Boute, a fashion and textile professional who has worked for major fashion houses such as Galeries Lafayette and Burton Of London. She also passes on her passion for fashion in the best schools in the sector.

Despite a production cost 10 times higher than in Asia (especially in Vietnam, where almost all the caps sold in France are produced), Headoniste caps are made in reference workshops, known and recognised for their craft know-how. All are located in France.

Headoniste caps are eco-responsible because they are made in a sustainable way

Some of our products are manufactured on pre-order and in co-construction with our customers, made to measure, on the basis of a choice of materials proposed on our site.

We optimise the cutting and use of raw materials.

We systematically promote the reuse of materials(upcycling).

We use production techniques that meet the highest environmental and social standards.

We work with workshops that guarantee the well-being and respect of their employees.

We do not use any chemicals in the treatment of the fabrics, industrial glues or aggressive washing.

We refuse to use raw materials that result in the death of an animal or to have products tested on live animals.

All our packaging is from European recycling channels and can be recycled.

We prefer to sell in short circuits in order to limit the carbon footprint of our products.

Beyond the rhetoric, we are working on the implementation of an end-to-end certification of the production, through a Blockchain.